The meaning behind what im saying

Ive got a lot of questions about my clas and if they can read what im writing about theme. Just one thing, im not writing anything spesific to them. Things are just taking out of the context. When im hurt, sad og really deprest i can write my feelings down on my blog and it would probably seems like it is about my horrible class. But my class is not horrible, theyre actually really nice and i NEVER write about a spesific person. I write from my heart and my vision through life. This is the only place i can be myself and write my opinions and im not gonna stop. So i hope this can be the answer of the question i just got and deleted because i thought it was kind of innapropriate. PS. No one i know is reading my blog so its not a problem. This is like my secret diary that i wanna share with you guys, my wonderful readers

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Lisa Semb

Lisa Semb

14, Frogn

Hei! jeg heter Lisa, er 14 år og bor i en liten by kalt Drøbak. Jeg har blogget i ca. tre år nå. Jeg blogger om min store lidenskap for musikk, hverdagen min, sminke, innkjøp, outfits og mine tanker om livet. Jeg vil virkelig komme til toppen med bloggen min så håper du liker bloggen og blir en fast leser <3