The worst feeling ever

I thought you care. I thought you were everything and it turns out I was wrong. Thats at least what everybody tells me. My head is full of questions and I cant focus anymore. I need answers and pretty fast before im loosing myself. I just dont think I can stand another day having people saying new horrible thing about you. Drugs, alcohol, sex.... Spinning around in my head and I cant see clear anymore. I see youre shadow when Im walking in the woods at night. I see you everywhere, hear your voice all the time and youre name is dancing on my lips. Like my heart tries to work with my brain but its impossible. Help me understand!

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Lisa Semb

Lisa Semb

14, Frogn

Hei! jeg heter Lisa, er 14 år og bor i en liten by kalt Drøbak. Jeg har blogget i ca. tre år nå. Jeg blogger om min store lidenskap for musikk og teater, hverdagen min, sminke, innkjøp, outfits og mine tanker om livet. Her får dere følge mitt liv! Jeg vil virkelig komme til toppen med bloggen min så håper du liker bloggen og blir en fast leser <3